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Become a volunteer!

Become a volunteer!

Canadian Way of Life

Doing Charity Work is like being an intern.

  • You raise your awareness plus you are raising your knowledge while increasing your experience.
  • You might not get green paper in return for your efforts but you gain a lot.
  • You not only gain experience and Knowledge, but having this hands on experience is looked upon like being book smart.

It shows that you are out there applying yourself.

Charity work can really get you ahead of the others. Showing that you are willing to spend your free-time doing something worthwhile says a lot about you and who you are.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a big part of Canadian life. Many Canadians are generous when it comes to helping others. Every year, 12.5 million volunteers give their time, energy and skills to make our communities better.

Over twelve million volunteers in Canada is a lot, but a small percentage of Canadians are carrying most of the load, and most of them are already in their seventies. As they step down and become fewer in number, a whole new generation of volunteers needs to fill their places in new and varied ways.