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Volunteer Opportunities!

Your time is a gift to hungry kids, seniors and others who may not have enough to eat. Volunteers produce the equivalent of a meal a minute while helping the Extended Hands sort, process and pack food. And it’s fun!


Volunteer Opportunities

These opportunities vary based on the needs and may include inspecting/sorting/repacking food into family-sized bags, stocking/cleaning the Pantry and more!

Kitchen Volunteers

Kitchen volunteers assist with meal prep and packaging of hot meals for distribution on Thursday at 11:30 am to 2 pm for the community lunch service we provide.

Other Opportunities

Whether it is fundraising or whatever you are passionate about. There are many things you can do. Let us know what you would like to do and we will be glad to have you on the team. 

Corporate Volunteer

We offer group volunteering opportunities for corporations or other groups wanting to get their employees or members involved in the community.

School & Youth Groups

Welcomes school and youth groups to help us sort and package food while passing along the value of volunteerism to the younger generation.

Required Service Hours

For those who must complete court-related community service or required hours for government-funded programs.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a big part of Canadian life. Many Canadians are generous when it comes to helping others. Every year, 12.5 million volunteers give their time, energy and skills to make our communities better.

Over twelve million volunteers in Canada is a lot, but a small percentage of Canadians are carrying most of the load, and most of them are already in their seventies. As they step down and become fewer in number, a whole new generation of volunteers needs to fill their places in new and varied ways.

Become A Volunteer

Become a volunteer! Canadian Way of Life. Doing Charity Work is like being an intern.


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